9 Best Refrigerator Brands For Ultimate Efficiency

9 Best Refrigerator Brands For Ultimate Efficiency

Appliances are the most essential part of human life. In this generation, it is nearly impossible to survive without appliances. Everybody needs ac, fridge, microwave, oven and inductions to carry on with daily life. But food is the initial step of life, so a refrigerator is way more important than any other appliance. Without a refrigerator, the food will get spoiled every day. In hot summer you could not enjoy fizzy drinks, ice creams and cold water. There are so many more cons that one can face. The best Refrigerator brand is the key ingredient of good and healthy food. They lock in the moisture, keep away the bacteria and preserve the food miraculously.

But it is important to use an efficient refrigerator. It is no da Vinci code that brands make fake promises. It can have adverse effects when it comes to home appliances. This is a big investment which you would not like to compromise with. Even when it is about refrigerators, endless options are available on the market and the internet. This can raise confusion about which one to choose. Know that several people like you have been through this situation. With the help of surveys curated for such demographics, there have been 9 brands that have won hearts. Below list are exactly the 9 best refrigerator brands.

Top 9 Best Refrigerator Brands That You Can Trust

Beko No Frost Refrigerator with Digital Touch Screen 539 Litres

beko refrigerator brand

The Turkish brand Beko has made its amazing place in the market. It is one of those best refrigerator brands which believes in surprising customers. They introduce the most iconic pieces which cannot be replaced. The one that has all the spotlight is their no-frost digital refrigerator. This best refrigerator has a capacity of 539 litres and is available in a gorgeous and shiny silver colour. It has an inverter motor and a super touch display showing the temperature. It is the best French door refrigerator in 2023, extending to amazing bottom compartments to fit more goods. To get best discounts while shopping online use Amazon Egypt Discount Codes and make it more affordable than ever.


  1. Rating: 5/5
  2. Brand: Beko
  3. Price: EGP 62,171
  4. Number of doors: 4
  5. Colour: Silver
  6. Type: French Door

LG Top Freezer Refrigerator 506 Litres

lg top freezer refrigerator brand

LG is a brand that is infamous for its plethora of appliances and innovative technology. The brand was founded in 1947. Since then, they have come up with several products. Recently, their refrigerators have gained a lot of audience. The most popular one among them is the LG top freezer refrigerator. It is a 506-litre appliance that has a smart inverter compressor. The colour is beautiful and durable as it is in dark graphite. Plus, the multi-airflow helps with the best cooling. Energy efficiency is the main element that makes this product perfect. Use the exclusive Sharaf DG promo codes and unlock unlimited offers while purchasing this refrigerator online.


  1. Rating: 4.1/5 stars
  2. Brand: LG
  3. Price: AED 2232
  4. Colour: Dark graphite
  5. Number of doors: 2
  6. Type: Top mount refrigerator

Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator 660 Liters

samsung sidebyside refrigerator brand

The next product on this list is by the multinational conglomerate Samsung. It’s a South Korean electronics company. They specialise in providing the best electronics, one of them is a 660-litre side-by-side refrigerator that comes with a digital inverter compressor. The maximum capacity is 660 litres, rated with a 4-star Energy Star. The huge space, non-plumed water dispenser and equal cooling make this refrigerator stand out the most. Either way, it is known that Samsung is among the most trusted and best refrigerator brands in UAE.


  1. Rating: 4/5
  2. Brand: Samsung
  3. Price: AED 6489
  4. Number of doors: 2
  5. Colour: Black
  6. Type: Side-by-side refrigerator

Hitachi Side By Side 4 Doors Premium Refrigerator 760 Liters

hitachi sidebyside 4doors refrigerator brand

The next on the list is the Japanese brand Hitachi. It is a top choice brand for every kind of electronics. Their refrigerators are significantly famous and have been highly rated by people worldwide. Their brand’s recent top contender is the unique side-by-side premium door. It has no frost and is facilitated with inverter control. Besides, there are dual fan cooling and smart LED lights. The moveable twist ice tray is another great addition that makes the whole usage process easy. The energy saving factor ensures not wasting much energy and delivers the right amount of cool air in all compartments. You have an opportunity to get this amazing refrigerator at a discounted price by using Eros Promo Code.


  1. Rating: 4.5/5 stars
  2. Brand: Hitachi
  3. Price: AED 3231
  4. Colour: Black
  5. Type: Full-sized freezer on top
  6. Number of doors: 4

TCL No Frost Top Mount Refrigerator 370 Liters

tcl top mount refrigerator brand

The ever-popular Chinese brand TCL is next on this list of best refrigerator brands. It is one of the biggest companies focusing on budget and quality. They have an awesome refrigerator that offers continuous airflow, distributing cool air equally in all the compartments. This amazing feature keeps the food fresh and uses less power. It can hold up to 370 litres capacity and has a freezer on the top. The stunning silver colour comes with an LED light control, making the whole package a win for the minimal price.


  1. Rating: 4.3/5
  2. Brand: TCL
  3. Price: AED 1322
  4. Number of doors: 2
  5. Colour: Silver
  6. Type: Top mount free led display control

Midea Gross Side By Side Refrigerator 690 Liters

midea sidebyside refrigerator brand

The best refrigerator brands from China are next up. Midea is a brand ranked among the top companies that manufacture home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and water purifiers. Their gross side-by-side refrigerator stands top on the list. It is a dark silver-coloured double-door fridge that is available at feasible prices. It has a freezer capacity of 183 litres and can store up to 344 litres of fresh food. The shelves are spill-proof and are even adjustable. The appliance will keep your food fresh and crispy.


  1. Rating: 4.3/5
  2. Brand: Midea
  3. Price: AED 1999
  4. Number of doors: 2
  5. Colour: Dark Silver
  6. Type: Side by Side

Hisense Double Door Top Mount Refrigerator 488 Litres

hisense top mount refrigerator brand

Established in 1969, Hisense is one of the best refrigerator brands. It is a top brand in China and South Africa, and it has been increasing its arena of success worldwide. This high-quality company has launched a great top-mount refrigerator with no frost technology. Each compartment has features like an adjustable thermostat and interior LED lights. The best part is that your veggies will stay as fresh as ever in the vegetable crisper zone. The refrigerator is basic yet classy, a great combination for your kitchen’s visuals.


  1. Rating: 4.1/5
  2. Brand: Hisense
  3. Price: AED 1523
  4. Number of doors: 2
  5. Colour: Silver
  6. Type: Top mount refrigerator

Panasonic Side By Side Refrigerator 700 Liters

panasonic sidebyside refrigerator brand

In the list of best refrigerator brands, Panasonic is next. It is a top Japanese brand in the business for a long time. They have a wide range of electronic appliances which people highly trust. Their creativity has brought them forward to create the side-by-side refrigerator with the best features. The refrigerator can hold up to 700 litres and has a stainless steel finish. It has a section dedicated to keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh and crispy. It is designed with frost-free technology.


  1. Rating: 4/5
  2. Brand: Panasonic
  3. Price: AED 2899
  4. Number of doors: 2
  5. Colour: Silver
  6. Type: No frost design side-by-side door refrigerator

Ariston Double Door Refrigerator 623 Liters

ariston doubledoor refrigerator brand

Ariston is a global brand that assures good quality and high efficiency. For over 90 years, they have been a top choice among the customers. The leading brand is still ruling the kingdom with its fantastic additions. The top-mounted refrigerator could be one of the reasons for its recent success. It has a 623-litre capacity that comes with a stainless steel body. The appliance preserves the food, which keeps your meat, veggies, fruits, and any dish fresh. The temperature is divided uniformly throughout the refrigerator with smart cooling ventilation. This Ariston refrigerator is a great choice for storing food as it stays intact for over 7 days. You can, thanks to the Noon Voucher Code, as you have the opportunity to get this refrigerator at a discounted price.


  1. Rating: 4.5/5
  2. Brand: Ariston
  3. Price: AED 2559
  4. Number of doors: 2
  5. Colour: Silver
  6. Type: Top Mounted

7 Factors To Check Before Buying A Refrigerator

Before purchasing a refrigerator, there are several factors that you need to take care of. There are many things to check, from the storage capacity to the price range. But before that, one needs to acquire the perfect knowledge about the kinds and features of refrigerators. Below are the 7 essential pointers to look out for.

  1. If you want a refrigerator for a nuclear family, its ideal capacity should be 250 litres and above. 
  2. Ensure the refrigerator has EER, an Energy Efficiency Ratio certified by the ranks 1 to 5 stars. It is preferable if it has a higher rating.
  3. The next thing is the filters of the refrigerator, which work like a deodoriser. This is important to check because no one wants a foul smell in their fridge.
  4. The shelves are another feature. It should be durable enough to hold your utensils or dishes. 
  5. Compressors are the things you need to check before anything else. It helps to maintain the temperature of the fridge. There are general and inverter compressors. Both are equally important for the optimum working of the refrigerator.
  6. Temperature control is a crucial feature that should 100% exist in your buying guide. It is especially needed for people living in extreme weather conditions.
  7. Getting a refrigerator with water and an ice dispenser could be a little pricey, but getting more space in the appliance is a smart choice.

Types Of Refrigerators In The Market

Refrigerators have been evolving over the years. Before, there were only the ones who had one door without any divisions. The same refrigerator had shelves to store the food, while on the door frame, they had places to store bottles and any small items. In the topmost part, they had a freezer which was mostly stacked with ice. There were not many options for temperature settings or other necessities. Now with the change in technology, there are several other great options in refrigerators. Namely, there are five types:

  1. French Door
  2. Top Freezer
  3. Bottom Freezer
  4. Side By Side
  5. Quad Door

French Door: It is the most common refrigerator that most people use. It has a split which divides the freezer and the regular-temperature fridge. It is a premium yet budget-friendly choice, and the size is compact to fit in your kitchen.

Top Freezer: The top freezer is similar to the French door, but unlike the previous one, this has a fixed place for the freezer.

Bottom Freezer: Similar to the top freezer, the bottom freezer has a designated position. It is also a one-door freezer that is more convenient for people who mostly want easy access to food.

Side By Side: Next is the side-by-side door, a fancy refrigerator. The doors are adjacent to each other, and both sides have similar sort of features. Sometimes, either side has an external ice and water dispenser compartment.

Quad Door: As the name suggests, a quad refrigerator has four doors. Each side is facilitated with equal compartments. It has a freezer on the top door beside each other. This is an exquisite choice, and it has been introduced recently. This appliance is a good way of adding a hint of luxury to your home.

Refrigerator TypesModelPriceStar Ratings
French Door
Beko No Frost Refrigerator with Digital Touch Screen 539 LitresEGP 62,1715 Stars
Quad Door RefrigeratorsHitachi Side By Side 4 Doors Premium Refrigerator 760 Liters AED 32314.5 Stars
Side by Side Door RefrigeratorsMidea Gross Side By Side Refrigerator 690 LitersAED 19994.3 Stars
Top MountLG Top Freezer Refrigerator 506 LitresAED 22324.1 Stars

Some Facts About Refrigerators

  1. The first refrigerators introduced around the 19th century weighed around 5 tons.
  2. Refrigerators are the appliance that has the longest shelf life. 
  3. The invention of refrigerators helped in the existence of supermarkets. 
  4. Like many other inventions, Albert Einstein even partook in creating refrigerators. 
  5. Nearly 10% of a household’s electricity use goes to the refrigerator.
  6. Refrigerator is a word derived from the Latin word refrigerare, which means cold. 
  7. The first refrigerator for home was introduced in 1913 by Fred W. Wolf.
  8. Refrigerators use gasoline, which is called Freon. It is non-flammable and is not toxic. 
  9. Around 1860, any refrigerator was addressed as an icebox. 
  10. Kelvinator and Frigidaire are the oldest refrigerators. Both the brands are from the USA.

Basic Things To Know About Refrigerators

Meaning Of Stars

Often, you might have seen stars on any electronic. It is an indication of the energy efficiency of the appliance. The stars begin from 1 and go to 5 stars. The more stars, the better energy saving. Buying the appliance with the appliance between 3 to 5 stars is smarter for long-term usage. This will help the user save money as it consumes less electricity. Especially when it comes to refrigerators, you must make a smarter choice as it is your home’s most used and longest-running appliance.

The Best Refrigerator Brands

According to surveys, there are so many things you need to check before nominating the top refrigerator brands. Each person has a different perspective, so they will not want the same efficiency. Some want it to be at a good price; some want it to be energy efficient, while others might want a refrigerator that is an overall champion. If you look at it, three brands stand out in the best refrigerator brand category. The overall winner is LG; the brand never disappoints with its innovation. The next in the line is the smart and cool Samsung.

Most Popular Refrigerator Colour

Throughout the years, silver has been a top choice in appliances. Even the best refrigerator brands claim to sell the most silver colour appliances in their careers. This trend has changed in recent years as grey & metallic grey. People go for light-tone walls and decor; in the end, they pick dark grey electronics, which contrast the home.

Versatility Of Refrigerators

The main element of human life is food. Without it, one cannot survive. That’s why refrigerators have no other alternatives. People depend on them, which makes the companies responsible for creating the most versatile pieces. These refrigerators have common temperatures and thermal settings, which help maintain the freshness of different kinds of food. Everything from meat to beverages will be settled at a stable temperature, preventing the food from getting ruined.

Decoration & Communication

A very cute thing people do in most homes is decorating the refrigerator. It is one of your home’s largest appliances; therefore, it is only natural that it attracts a lot of attention. Because of this, decorating it is a clever approach to make your kitchen look attractive. In modern families, people even use it to communicate, like adding a sticky note with a to-do list or a reminder because, in a day, you will look at the fridge at least five times.

Usage Of Stabilisers

There can be uncanny voltage fluctuations in any corner of the globe. Your life might not significantly change as a result, but your home’s appliances will be impacted. A large device that operates continuously, like a refrigerator, requires additional assistance. For that, many people use stabilisers. It is a great machine that will help to maintain an average electricity flow. It will help to keep your appliance fit and new as ever.


Finally, as per feedback, consumers suggest buying the best refrigerator brands from online stores rather than offline ones. Why? Because the online store provides the most discounts. At the stores, the products are firstly presented at the lowest prices. Next, browsing a wide range of products at just one destination is easier. If interested, check stores like Amazon, Sharaf DG, Noon, B.Tech, Xcite, and Eros Digital. These are the best electronics stores available in the Middle East.

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