17 Best Backpack Brands in GCC Known for Quality & Excellence

Best Backpack Brands in GCC for 2023

Brief History Of Backpacks

The history of Backpacks is something very simple yet innovative. In the days when people wanted to carry more things on the go, they craved an item that could help them with it. They used to take a handful of things along. But of course, as the days passed by, they needed something more durable and convenient. This led to the creation of backpacks in 1878 by Henry Merriam. In the initial days, it was referred to as a knapsack. But the name evolved to carry it at the back by having it totally packed. Sooner in the 19th century, this became a popular item in every household.

It was the most incredible innovation for travellers as now they can just take food, water and everything in one place. Your hands are empty, which gives you access to multitasking. Till 1603, it was still known as knapsack, but by 1910, a new and more suitable name was given, i.e. backpack. They are the easiest to store items when you are walking around a new city or trying to reach your office. Either way, backpacks have evolved the way of carrying essentials around.

Know More Facts About the Evolution of the Backpack:

  1. 1938 – Zippers were added to backpacks by Gerry Cunningham
  2. 1950 – Ake Nordin introduced High-raised backpacks
  3. 1952 – Lightweight bags were built by Dick and Nina Kelty
  4. 1967 – Greg Lowe designed an internal frame in a backpack

Purpose Of Backpacks

  1. With backpacks, it is easier to carry heavier things on the back rather than with the support of only one shoulder.
  2. While hiking, travelling and doing physical activities, the backpack is more convenient to carry around. Also, it helps to store the essentials while you are on the move.
  3. Backpacks are a way to commute easily, especially for children who go to school and have a handful of products to take along.
  4. With innovation, backpacks have padded handles, straps and back panels, which gives your body the comfort to wear them for longer journeys.
  5. Backpacks are multipurpose items with plenty of space to store all you want.

You can find the best backpacks to suit your purpose, style and budget. Whether you’re a traveller, employee, or student, the right backpack can make a huge difference.

List of 17 Best Backpack Brands in GCC for 2023

As we are talking about the purpose of backpacks, there are certain backpack brands that have taken over the GCC region. Below, you will find the 17 best backpack brands that have created a real buzz in the region in 2023. The brands are:

1. Under Armour

underarmour backpack brand

Under Armour is a very popular brand that has been manufacturing apparel, footwear and accessories since 1996. The brand is known for its product excellence and innovation. The US-based brand is also known for its backpack range. Their UA Hustle backpacks keep bringing durable backpacks for men, women, boys, and girls. They even offer a unisex range, which is another perfect selection to choose from. The collection has backpacks for gym, school and every occasion you need them for. The backpacks have many sleeves, which facilitate to fit of as many items as possible. Under Armour ensures to maintain an athletic look for their backpacks. Because of so many features prices of these backpacks are also high. But coupons can be helpful here. Go with Under Armour Promo Codes to avail amazing discounts.

Why Rezeem Prefers this brand

  • Colours: More than 10 options, including black, white, blue, green, etc.
  • Technology: UA Storm technology
  • Material: Breathable mesh and padded panel with adjustable straps
  • Resistance: Water and abrasion
  • Extra: Laptop sleeve, shoe pocket


puma backpack brand

Get the coolest bags only at Puma. It started as a sports shoe brand in 1948 and eventually grew into an all-rounder sports brand. They have several accessories, such as socks, bottles and even backpacks. The athleisurewear and sports equipment brand has a versatile backpack range that keeps winning hearts. Carry your belongings around in their strong bags that can withstand heavy weights. The backpacks are designed according to your needs and have several compartments to fit most items. Whether it is for school purposes or a road trip, these backpacks are spacious enough to plan out your day.  These trendy and comfy backpacks come under high-range products. But PUMA coupon codes will give you mega discounts on the backpacks.

Why Rezeem Picks this Brand:

  • Colours: More than 10 options, including pink, blue, red, and black. Also comes in different patterns
  • Materials: Polyester, Polyurethane
  • Extra: Zip pockets, top loop handle, laptop sleeve, front pocket
  • Sustainability: Backpacks made of at least 20% recycled material

3. Nike

nike backpack brand

The 1971 official brand Nike is, of course, on the list. They are the biggest sports brand globally and have been producing elite sports goods for a while. In this range, they even have backpacks for all ages. Whether for sportsmen, school-going kids or office-going adults, Nike backpacks are for everyone. They make the products from recycled materials, which gives more reasons for the audience to buy them. The well-built straps and the strong outer body help to fill the bag with the maximum number of things. From essentials to big products, the spacious bag has a corner and compartment for everything. The Nike backpacks are available for men, women, kids and even in unisex designs. Backpacks are promptly required and are easily available in the market. You can also order them online. Order with our exclusive Nike Coupon Code and get huge discounts while purchasing.

Why Rezeem Consider Nike:

  • Colours: Purple, black, blue, white, brown, green, pink, grey and more
  • Activities: Lifestyle, training, basketball and football
  • Sustainability: Made of more than 65% recycled polyester
  • Materials: Polyester that was recycled from plastic bottles
  • Extra: Padded back panel, chest strap, mini pockets

4. American Tourister

American Tourister Backpack brand

Want a place that has the perfect backpack for kids and adults? Then American Tourister is your spot. The store has the prettiest bags for all ages, which include graphic and animated designs. The 1933 brand has been a top choice for travel bags all around the world. American Tourister backpacks come in medium, small and large sizes, which can take the weight of more than 2 to 3 kgs. The brand is revolutionary in the travel industry for a reason. Their bags are designed with 2-3 compartments, special laptop sleeves, lockable front pockets, quick access fleece, a security back pocket and a USB port. All these features make the brand super desirable with its well-organized plan.

Why Rezeem Prefers this brand:

  • Material: Polyester, HD 420 dobby
  • Colours: Black, pink, red, white, grey and multicolour
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Extra: Safety front chain locks, accessible sleeves, laptop compartment
  • Country of Origin: United States

5. Skechers

skechers backpack brand

Skechers is an iconic brand that was started in California 31 years ago. Since 1992, they have accumulated a diverse range of audiences with their ideal shoes, boots and fashionable apparel. The Fortune 500 brand even has a small section dedicated to backpacks. The backpacks here come in the most durable styles and classy shades. Skechers make sure to put their years of product designing expertise into backpacks to create the most spacious ones. Even if you are wearing it for long hours, your back won’t hurt because of the padded back frame and straps.

What do we like about Skechers?

  • Colours: Burgundy, brown, black, multicolour and more
  • Extra: Front pockets, dual compartments, USB charging port, laptop sleeve
  • Material: Polyester
  • Purpose: Travelling and regular use
  • Product Care: Hand wash

6. Dell

dell backpack brand

The renowned personal computer, laptop, and electronic device-based brand Dell is even ruling on the list of best backpack brands. Without any doubt, they are the biggest computer and accessories seller in the world. They understand the audience and their needs, and that’s why they offer the best laptop-specific backpacks. Dell designs the smartest bags to keep your belongings safe from any falling damage. In the store, they have premier backpacks that are slim yet have a great amount of space. Sometimes, along with the backpacks, they have separate leather sleeves for more protection of your devices.

What to Consider?

  • Colour: Black and white
  • Material: Polyester, leather
  • Resistant: Water
  • Type: Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Extras: Portable charger pocket, S-shaped straps, cushioned back panel
  • Sustainability: The eco loop method generates less water waste and CO2 emissions due to the smart dyeing process

7. The North Face

thenorthface backpack brand

The 57-year-old brand The North Face has been an exceptional creator of sports goods and basic accessories. Since 1966, they have produced street couture and outdoor essentials. The North Face has an equally good collection of backpacks for people who want compact and spacious backpacks. It certainly deserves a spot in the best backpack brand. Their speciality is the cool tone colours that are very pleasant to the eyes. The patterns and styles are ideal choices for men as well as women. The North Face keeps up with its great work by adding more space to the products, which makes it easier for people to carry around things in just one bag.

Why Rezeem Loves The North Face?

  • Materials: Recycled polyester, nylon ripstop
  • Colours: Mandarin, black, Blue, multicolour, etc.
  • Extra: Fleece pocket, bottom compression, stand-up design and laptop compartment, padded tablet sleeve
  • Resistant: Water

8. Samsonite

samsonite backpack brand

If a brand has over 110 years of experience in the bags industry, then it definitely needs to be on this list. That’s why Samsonite is competing on the list of the best backpack brands. The brand is dedicated to wanderers who want a trustworthy travelling partner. On the other hand, they even have bags for daily commuters. The bags have a vintage look along with modern styles. These specifications make the whole deal a perfect one. Samsonite has several collections which are targeted towards a specific group of people. The collections include Ecodriver, Haeil, Leah, YourbaMove 3, Aquarius and more.

Why Rezeem Prefers this brand:

  • Colours: Blue, brown, yellow, black and others
  • Extra: Laptop compartment, smart sleeve, tablet compartment, bottle area and small pockets
  • Material: PU, nylon
  • Expandable: Up To 22 cm

9. HP

hp backpack brand

Another technology-based company to make a debut on the list is HP. The brand manufactures computers, laptops, and so many accessories. They even have an authorized category of backpacks, which are specifically for laptops. The stylish backpack is designed to be environmentally responsible. HP creates the most revolutionary bags that keep your devices safe even in the worst. The ultimate padding and the fabric resistance protect your devices. The backpacks are certainly for home, work and beyond usage. Be tension-free while travelling, even when there are bumps. The convenience is increased by HP by adding several easy-access pockets, which can facilitate sunglasses, wallets, phones and everything you want.

Why Rezeem Consider HP:

  • Colours: Black, grey, green, blue, pink, yellow
  • Usage: Home and business
  • Extra: Laptop sleeve, space for keyboard, mouse and cables, easy access compartment, smart cable routing
  • Resistant: Water
  • Sustainability: Made from recycled fabrics

10. Skybags

skybags backpack brand

Move in style by purchasing the most stylish bags in the industry from the brand called Skybags. This popular subsidiary brand is under VIP Industries and is known for its aesthetically pleasing designs. Their backpack collection is way more diverse than any other brand. It includes backpacks for daily travel, trips, laptops and more. The more than 50 years of market leadership has finally found a home in the backpack industry with their unbeatable line of products. They offer such affordable items for men, women and kids. All of these reasons are enough to make them one of the best backpack brands.

Why Rezeem Picks this brand

  • Material: Polyester
  • Extra: Tablet sleeve, expandable, laptop sleeve, rain cover and adjustable straps
  • Activities: Fashion, travel, laptop protection and daily use
  • Colours: Red, grey, yellow, pink, blue, green, white and more
  • Collection: Disney, Marvel, etc.

11. Guess

guess backpack brand

This brand “Guess” is known for its iconic fashion line, established in 1981. They have relentlessly made an impact on the industry by increasing product variations. One of their most talked about products has to be their backpacks. All the pieces are chic and elegant, unlike other brands. These look premium and high-end just at first glance. If you are looking for durable yet stylish backpacks, Guess has the right spot. The store offers multiple designs and colours, which have the potential to elevate your overall look. You can also use Guess Coupons to get them at discounted prices.

What we like about Guess?

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Extra: Adjustable straps, zip pockets, slip compartments and dual zip closures
  • Colours: Black, blue, purple, brown, white, orange and red
  • Collections: Manhattan, Evening Lion, Salameda, Inia and Kimi Velvet

12. Oakley

oakley backpack brand

Next up is the 1975 American corporation called Oakley. They are a well-known brand for watches, glasses, visors, sports glasses and even backpacks. Oakley has regular and stylish bags that fit your needs. The compact backpacks have amazing cushioning and padding, which makes these lightweight products worth the investment. Coming from the house of the biggest designers, Oakley has never failed to surprise consumers with their impeccable product quality and stylish designs. The bag is spacious, and the panels are designed to fit most items required by the user.

What do we love about this brand?

  • Resistant: Water
  • Colours: Black, brown, purple, multicolours, etc
  • Collections: Enduro 3.0, Peak Rc, Voyager, Transit and Men’s Street

13. ALDO

aldo backpack brand

The Canadian multinational company comes up next. The fashion legend ALDO is known for its unwavering collection of shoes and accessories. Not once have they disappointed their consumers, and they plan ahead of time to surprise each one of you. The brand is curated for women who love fashion along with compatibility. Whether you are a 9 to 5 worker or a style icon, ALDO backpacks will fit into all your schedules. Their chic backpacks are ideal for on-the-go journeys, and every season, they come up with the cutest backpacks to attract consumers.

Why Rezeem Consider ALDO:

  • Colours: Pink, blue, navy, black, green and brown
  • Collections: Valentine, Monogram, Pastels, Luxe Summer Craft and Retro Feminine
  • Material: Synthetic

14. Herschel

herschel backpack brand

A relatively new brand that has made a significant space in this list is Herschel. The brand was founded in 2009, and they are one of the best bag and accessories manufacturers. The store has luggage, duffles and backpacks, which are super reliable. The first store was situated in Canada, but they have grown so much bigger than that. Their styles are very simple and practical. This list includes Little America, Heritage, Classic, Retreat, Kaslo, Pop Quiz and many more. From laptop backpacks to internal organizers, their brand is leading in the sector flawlessly.

Why Rezeem Picks this brand:

  • Colours: Pink, black, blue, brown, green, navy, purple and red
  • Features: Internal storage sleeve, external pocket, side entry zipper, padded shoulder straps, diaper bag, laptop sleeve, water bottle holder and sternum strap
  • Collections: Heritage, Retreat, Pop Quiz, Seymour and Little America

15. Hush Puppies

hush-puppies backpack brand

Everyone might know the brand Hush Puppies for their fantastic footwear lineup, but the brand has created a similar buzz with its backpack range. The company was started in 1958 and has over 65 years of experience when it comes to shoes and consumer accessories. They offer a smartly designed collection of backpacks. There are multiple colour and price options, which gives the buyers the freedom to make their choices according to their taste. The collaborations are another point of attraction for Hush Puppies. In the end, they analyze the customer needs and tend to create the bags that lead the race of best backpack brands.

Why Rezeem Prefer this Brand:

  • Colour: Green, red, black, grey, blue, brown and more
  • Collections: Nano, Frederick, Edwin, Fox, Eddie, Enzo and Cyril
  • Extra: Drawstring closure, back zip pocket, interior zip, padded strap and soft back panel

16. Reebok

reebok backpack brand

Without a surprise, there is another rationally popular sports brand on this list. It is none other than Reebok. The brand was started 65 years ago, and they have fostered consumers with the best sportswear and accessories for years now. With 65 years of experience, Reebok ensures to read the consumer demographic and their expectations. When they recognized the need for backpacks among sporty individuals, they started offering that, too. Currently, they provide a plethora of backpacks that are perfect for kids and adults for day-to-day use. Their unisex range has the most buyers diverted towards it.

What to Consider?

  • Colours: Yellow, green, black, beige, orange, blue and navy
  • Extra: Wet item compartment, webbing tools, inner shoe mesh, buckle closure, chest strap, mesh pockets, inner zip area and laptop compartment
  • Material: Recycled polyester

17. Tommy Hilfiger

tommy-hilfiger backpack brand

Tommy Hilfiger is the last trustable brand on the list of the best backpack brands. This brand is not a new name to anyone. It has been in the scene of fashion for 38 years now. The brand has apparel, fragrances, footwear and accessories in its product lineup. One of the items that has gained significant attention is their backpacks. With quintessential designs and accessible pricing, the brand has been in the good books of several consumers. Tommy Hilfiger celebrates youth and style at its finest with their modern designs. Ordering backpacks online gives a better understanding of the product as we can see the reviews of other users as well. Also, ordering online is beneficial as it will help in availing special discounts with Tommy Hilfiger Promo Codes.

Why Rezeem Picks Tommy Hilfiger:

  • Colours: Beige, light blue, pink, green, choco brown, grey, mint green, ochre and olive
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Extras: Key hook, branded puller, multilevel organize, front pocket, multi-compartment, side pocket for bottle or flasks

Famous Backpacks Brands For Kids

If you are especially looking back packs for your kids then go with the below-mentioned brands. They have a wide range of kid’s collections.

  1. Samsonite
  2. Nike
  3. American Tourister
  4. Under Armour
  5. Reebok

Best Backpacks Brands Famous Among Adults

These are brands that have the best collection of backpacks for adults. All the college-going and office-going people can refer to these brands.

  1. American Tourister
  2. Puma
  3. Tommy Hilfiger
  4. HP
  5. DELL
  6. Skechers

How to Select the Best Backpack?

There are few factors which are to be considered while selecting a backpack. In the below section we have mentioned a guide on the same:

1. Size and Capacity: Make sure the backpack’s size and carrying capacity are appropriate for your body type and that it can accommodate all of your essentials. The amount of luggage you need to carry should be taken into account while determining the backpack’s capacity.

2. Check for durability and quality: A decent backpack should be constructed of sturdy, high-quality materials that can function wear and tear. Look for qualities like quality zippers, water-resistant fabric, and reinforced stitching.

3. Price: Look for the options within your budget. To save money, don’t sacrifice quality; doing so may end up costing you more in the long run.

4. Return Policy and Warranty: Always look for backpacks that have a return policy and warranty. At least, you’ll be able to return the item if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


1. What materials are suitable for backpacks in the GCC Region?

When selecting backpacks, choosing the right material is very important. Always look for backpacks which are made from lightweight and breathable materials. Like Nylon or Polyester. Avoid choosing bags with heavy fabrics as it is not compatible with GCC’s hot climate.

2. What backpack brands can be considered the best in GCC?

There are many top-ranked brands in GCC. Some of them are:

  • The North Face: They are specialized in travel bags. The North Face mainly aims at travellers who enjoy making a fashion statement with comfy bags.
  • Puma: It is well known for stylish, sporty backpacks that are ideal for the gym and outdoor activities.
  • American Tourister: Provides a selection of fashionable and useful daypacks for school, business, and travel.

3. How to take proper care of the backpack?

Taking care of your backpack is most important. The best recommendation is to consult the manufacturer’s instructions, which come with the bags, because different backpacks need different maintenance.

Final Thoughts

One might give little importance to an item like a backpack because it is a basic item to use every now and then. But history proves how relevant this item has grown to become among the common public. That’s why making a smart investment is important when you are buying a backpack. All the 17 brands listed above fall under the most trusted category, and people, without any doubt, choose them over the others. The brands have their own store as well as special online outlets where you can buy these at the lowest prices. Online shopping options like Amazon in GCC countries are another smart way to save money while buying these. Also, for kids, one can choose these from unique collections offered by the biggest brands like Under Armour, Nike, American Tourister, Reebok and others. A backpack is a must-have accessory for every person who has to carry their essentials without risking damage.

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