14 Best Tea Powder Brands In GCC 2023

best tea powder brands in gcc

Are you the one to ask the world to go to hell and begin the day always with a sip of tea? You have come to the right place! We understand that a cup of tea would restore your normality in no time. Since tea to the body is as similar as music to the soul, we found local and international tea powders in popular brands at justified prices here.

Apprehending the thought that with a teacup in your hand, anything is possible, we have curated a list of brands that provide tea powders with different textures and tastes that will cheer you up within minutes. Apply balm for your soul but not inebriate with these.

List Of Top 14 Tea Powder Brands

Best Tea Powders Collection

This beverage holds the magical key to the vault where your brain is kept, and there is no problem on earth that a cup of it cannot ameliorate. Serve these hot or cold and still feel its presence uptight. Let us know the brands that rule the Gulf a bit better.


twinings green tea

Tea does the fancy aid. It represses those vapours which the head tends to invade and helps keep the soul serene. Twinings tea powder is sure to give you all the delight and you can never get a cup of tea large enough when you taste one from this brand. Their English breakfast and afternoon tea range will surely drool you, and you will come back asking for more. The innovative supply chain model ensures you get the freshest cup of tea.

Famous For: Twinings Earl Grey

Flavours Or Types Available: Lemon, Ginger, Camomile, Honey, Vanilla, Green Tea with fruits, mint, Peppermint, Strawberry, Mango

Seeds and Hands

seeds and hands golden dust tea

No matter where you are, you feel at home if the right tea is served. Away from the increasing alterations and essence of pesticide usage, this brand is unaffected and only brings the best to the platter. Their natural elements take out the originality of the tea. Consume it with or without milk. As this is a powder, you cannot prepare a recipe like the one with thick tea granules since the quantity and boiling duration varies. They are working towards farmers getting a better price for their produce.

Famous For: Supporting the Immune System

Flavours Or Types Available: Golden dust tea, golden CTC tea granules


pukka herbal tea

When tea becomes a habit, it takes its place at the heart. We see greatness in small things. Pukka replenishes its magical powers for clean, green and supreme mornings or evenings. Their ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients, made with wholesome organic products are what sets this brand apart. Famous for its herbal tea range, they play a major role in making you enter a realm of inner peace. This drink also provides a soothing post meditation or workout.

Famous For: PUKKA Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey, Organic Herbal Tea Bags

Flavours Or Types Available: Lemon, ginger & manuka honey, supreme matcha green organic herbal tea, turmeric gold, three mint, womankind organic, night time blissful rest, after dinner organic, detox, love organic herbal tea, chamomile, vanilla & manuka honey, feel new organic, relax organic, cleanse organic, three ginger, vanilla chai, lemongrass & ginger, peppermint & licorice, clean matcha green, elderberry & echinacea, three cinnamon, tulsi clarity, revitalise organic.


lipton tea

The connections in the picnic indoors or outdoors become stronger and more lavish when done over a cup of Lipton based tea. These products uplift your mood and awaken you to what matters within seconds. Their certified and well-acclaimed label comes with a rich taste, intense colour and refreshing aroma. They have a team who carefully selects fresh tea leaves, squeezes them and captures as much natural tea taste as possible.

Famous For: Tea Bags of all flavours

Flavours Available Or Types: Yellow label black tea, peach iced tea, lemon iced tea, day to night collection, green tea, lemon & ginger, herbal infused daily care tea, black tea mint, black tea cardamom, get fit green tea, anise herbal infusion, daily care turmeric & ginger black tea, extra strong black tea, hibiscus infused.


vahdam green tea

An insight into the brand – VAHDAM Is one of India’s largest digitally native, global wellness brands, shipping to over 3 million customers. They aim to deliver the finest teas, superfoods, brew ware, spices and herbs to consumers worldwide. A home-grown, sustainable label with a strong commitment to people and the planet. As a part of their social campaign Teach Me, 1% of their revenue is redirected towards the education of growers’ children.

Awakening thought and preventing drowsiness is what Vahdam looks forward to when it brings its tea powders, loose leaves or bags to the market.

Famous For: Tea leaves are vacuum sealed and packed within 24 to 72 hours of harvesting to give garden fresh tea with the best aroma and taste.

Flavours Or Types Available: Darjeeling second flush black tea, original chai spiced black tea, Matcha green tea, Masala chai, Himalayan green tea, Darjeeling summer black tea, Daily Assam summer black tea, English breakfast black tea, High mountain oolong tea, Turmeric chamomile herbal tea, hibiscus rose herbal tea, turmeric ginger herbal tea, Earl Grey black tea, Assam exotic black tea, Imperial Himalayan white tea, Turmeric moringa herbal tea, organic Himalayan green tea, sweet cinnamon, pure mint, detox kahwa, mint melody, maharani chai.


girnar masala tea

Tea is something that joyfully plays with the spirit and harmonizes the mind. Girnar guarantees not just that but consistent quality and taste through its assortments. They maintain the highest levels of hygiene. So, dispel lassitude with them as your favourite tea companion. Now simply make these anytime, anywhere by just adding hot water. Their low sugar alternatives are here to suit every lifestyle choice and relieve fatigue within seconds.

Famous For: Detox Desi Kahwa Green Tea

Flavours Or Types Available: Instant Masala Tea, Cardamom chai, Ginger, Lemon & Honey, Camomile & honey, green tea cardamom, green tea mint, cool peppermint herbal infusion, royal cup, Bombay, green tea tulsi, lemongrass chai, Arabian blend.


rabea tea

Gulf people of all ages and income levels like to drink hot tea. When you start incorporating Rabea tea powders into your diet, your body starts to feel better. Likewise, using their tea helps you remain fresh and keep you energized. Each category of tea has its benefit, such as the black tea helps fight diseases, whereas green tea facilitates weight loss. Not only are these beverages healthy, but they taste good too. Anyone who tastes the strongest tea extracted from the purest tea farms is sure to fall in love with its aroma.

Famous For: Original Taste Curled Black Tea

Flavours Or Types Available: Extra strong fine black tea, Full leaf black tea, green tea pure natural.


imtenan herbal tea

A hot cuppa tea after a tedious day is nothing less than an elixir, and Imtenan comes to the picture for this very reason. Their healthy yet subtle tea range relieves temporary water retention and flushes body toxins. They also assist in sustaining vitality during diet programs. Packed with a host of goodness, these aid you to feel relaxed, especially during times of stress or tension.

Famous For: Immunity booster

Flavours Or Types Available: Matcha, Parsley & Celery, Chamomile & Lavender, Diet support, Rooibos, Dandelion leafs, St.John’s, Digest Aid, Echinacea, Ginger Aid, Senna, Chun Mee, Gunpowder, Gingko, Organic Morning Tea, Ginseng Tea, Wild peppermint, green tea, caffeine tea, breastfeeding herbal tea, cinnamon, chicory & artichoke

The Republic Of Tea

the republic of tea

Republic of Tea was founded in 1992 in California by Mel Ziegler. They introduced almost 21 innovative teas to the American marketplace in the initial days. Striving to bring harmony to the workplace, it offers numerous benefits. Ask any tea lover, and they will accept that these teas have mind-soothing effects as it wipes out all the pressure from the mind and restores the body. Prepare to sip these teas at any time of the day. Whether it is an office break or to relish it with a platter of fried snacks during rains, it is a staple beverage.

Famous For: The Republic of Tea Get Wellness Tea

Flavours Or Types Available: Get relaxed, Get lost, Get it going, Get clean, Get burning, Get probiotic, Get charged, Get Smart, Milk Thistle, Natural Hibiscus, Pudding Tea, Blackberry sage black tea, Emperor’s white tea, Double green matcha

Yogi Tea

yogi tea

Yogi’s plethora of products selling a variety of teas to suffice people’s frequent tea cravings make it stand out. Acknowledged for their ethnicity, they are determined to keep the flavours intact. Every time you feel like sipping freshly blended tea leaves, give Yogi tea powders, loose leaves or bags a shot. It serves multipurpose functions for men and women. For instance, if you are cold, their tea can warm you; if you are too heated, it can cool you; if you are depressed, it can cheer you; and if you are excited, it can calm your senses.

Famous For: Honey Lavender Stress Relief

Flavours Or Types Available: Soothing rose hibiscus skin detox, Green tea kombucha, Stomach ease, organic detox, relaxed mind, green tea blueberry slim life, breathe deep, sweet tangerine positive energy, rose, comforting chamomile, soothing caramel bedtime, echinacea immune support, lemon ginger, calming, Himalaya, purely peppermint, green tea blueberry slim life, Egyptian licorice mint, green tea matcha lemon, chai rooibos, blackberry apple cider digestive awakening, sweet clementine stress support, throat comfort, berry detox, honey lavender stress relief, raspberry passion perfect energy, roasted dandelion spice detox, peach detox, green tea pure green decaf, calming, bedtime, kava stress relief.

Al Attar

al attar tea

The rarest tea leaves and best tea leaves in Al Attar are dried, preserved, and crushed together to produce an exclusive tea blend for caffeine addicts. It is an ideal tea choice for connoisseurs who prefer premium tea brands. The tea is available in tea powder as well as tea bag options. Their strong flavours will keep you energized for the rest of your day. It tastes great while keeping you fit and fine. Formulated with care, it is an ideal option for your morning or evening tea time and will give a much-needed punch to your tea craving.

Famous For: Al Attar Matcha Powder

Flavours Or Types Available: Cumin & lemon, green tea mint, Ginger & cinnamon, Ginger, lemon & honey, Moringa, Zhourat shamia, Wild thyme, Chamomile, Pomegranate, Aniseed fennel, Chamomile & honey.

El Arosa

el arosa tea

Satiate your yearning for tea is now easy with El Arosa. Their products enhance your tea drinking experience. With its new and elite entry in the tea business, their tea leaves have been pressed to release their natural essence and lock in as much tea taste and aroma as possible.

Famous For: Dust tea

Flavours Or Types Available: Black tea, Egyptian dust black tea, Kenyan black tea.


al kbous tea

Al-Haj (Kbous) was the first one who introduced high-quality tea in 1948. They started selling it, with its high quality, initially in Yemen, but very soon, they spread their horizons worldwide. Exporting tea with its various products and carefully packed inside a box to avoid spoiling from moisture and other unwanted particles, the Al-Kbous tea powders are formulated with caffeine to stimulate the functions of the brain to keep you active. These kinds of teas are mostly GMO-free, so that anyone can consume it. You also make use of Carrefour promo codes to get them at discounted prices at Carrefour KSA.

Famous For: Medium caffeinated for staying fit and alert.

Flavours Or Types Available: Ceylon tea, fine black tea, soft tea

Ahmad Tea

ahmad tea

Teas are common in the GCC world and are known for their strong aroma. Consumption of one is said to aid digestion and increase saliva flow. It is drunk prior to a scrumptious meal to prepare the digestive enzymes in the body. To ponder on a remarkable and exquisite tea journey, Ahmad Tea was founded and has an impeccable reputation for some of the best quality leaves and blends in the industry to date.

Famous For: English Breakfast Tea

Flavours Or Types Available: English breakfast, special blend, Earl grey, Classic, special tea, cardamom tea, Evening tea decaffeinated, Jasmine romance, blackcurrant burst, Peach & Passion fruit, Apricot sunrise, Mango magic, green tea, Camomile & lemongrass, Cinnamon haze, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Strawberry sensation, Lemon & lime twist, Raspberry indulgence, Ceylon tea

How to pick the correct tea powder?

An invigorated mug of tea is one of life’s simple delights, but we are always stuck with determining the right one. Here are some factors when considering one.

Item Form: Tea is among the most popular and refreshing beverages many in the Gulf region enjoy. Check your requirement whether you like to consume it in flakes, granules, liquid, loose leaves, powder or tea bags. Pick the right choice accordingly.

Strong Flavor: When looking for the best tea powders, you need to consider your preferred flavour. Teas are known for having multiple flavours. If you are ready to experiment, you can always have a taste of numerous flavours, including ginger, lemon, camomile, cardamom, mint, or tulsi. Some brands are good at combining these and presenting us with a zestful presence.

Organic Choices Over Inorganic: Organic products are safely prepared without pesticides or insecticides. Choose a natural and organic tea that is good for your health.

The ‘Aroma’ Effect: Do you also have the urge to smell food or beverages before you actually have a bite or a sip? Then you should prefer something that gives a long-lasting aroma; check out the tea’s aroma reviews before you buy one.

Dietary Preferences: The tea powder should attend to the people who are generous when sharing their fear or allergies. Besides, sometimes the diet they must be on has a spiritual and emotional effect. It is always better to be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. In today’s era, you can actually customise your tea type based on diet choices like gluten free, halal, keto, kosher, paleo, plant based or vegan.

Caffeine Content: Caffeine is something that is usually added to tea brands as the strong presence not only enriches the colour, taste or aroma, it also helps with keeping you active for longer durations, but as everything has its pros and cons, so does caffeine. So, choose your level of this in your tea powder accordingly.

Addressing Concerning Factors: Though in the early days, people consumed tea just for the sake of having one or maybe because they were lured to drink. But, in today’s era, specifically with the rise in diseases, digestive or other metabolism related concerns, tea powders have also changed their agenda. Now, you can find a tea powder in the market which addresses these needs. Buy according to issues like anxiety relief, immune support, lactation, pregnancy, relaxation, sleep or stress relief.

Time You Consume: Tea can typically be consumed at any time of the day. Despite the fact that it is not a significant criterion, it is always advised to read the contents, allergens and description of the ingredients thoroughly before opting for one. As some tea powders specifically mention the time to consume too for the best results.

Type Of Tea Favoured: Being a tea lover is difficult. Everybody desires to have the best version of their tea. If you are querying on how this statement is relevant to the subtitle. Here is the reason. Gone are the days when you have to pick only between tea or coffee. Now you can also drool over the different versions of Chai like black, green, herbal or oolong tea. These brightly flavoured ones are made from herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots instead of tea leaves claiming many health benefits. Another tea that has made its way to the top is the Boba Tea. Though you might wonder why bubble tea or boba tea is mentioned in this article, it is because the tea base is either black, green or white.

How to Make Tea?

Tea Maker: A Tea Maker is a life changer. There are several settings for temperature, strength and time to steep to your liking. Perfect for the whole family, it makes the ideal tea every time. With the ease of operation, go for the uncomplicated ones and turn yourself into an absolute tea lover.

Sauce Pan: Is tea your morning ritual? Then you know the drill! Grab a saucepan, boil the water and prepare to brew the tea. Once boiled, strain it to get the liquid out. Now while serving, choose the method you would like to enjoy.

– Add milk and sugar to it: Most people prefer this as these extras add a sweet and creamy delight to your taste buds.

– Pour it over ice: Perfect for the summers, wait for some time before pouring the tea on ice, let it come to room temperature and then pour over a glass full of ice.

Over a Cup: This is for people who are used to making tea from tea bags. The process is pretty simple and takes less time. All you have to do is grab your favourite cup, pour in hot water, place the tea bag in the hot water. Once the water starts turning different or you realise the tea flavours are mixing well with the water, take it out. You may use it for later or throw it away.

Tea Hotspots ‘Round-the-Globe’:

famous tea production places

Some famous places that are famous for their tea plantations or observe a high demand in production and supply of Tea:

  • Moc Chau in Vietnam
  • Darjeeling and Munnar in India
  • Chengdu in China
  • Taiwan
  • The Azores in Portugal
  • Morocco
  • Granada in Spain
  • Argentina
  • Southern USA
  • Dambatenne, Sri Lanka
  • England
  • Russia
  • Cameron Highlands in Malaysia
  • Uji in Japan
  • Insadong district in Seoul, Korea
  • Chang Rai in Thailand
  • Rize in Turkey
  • Peru
  • Bali in Indonesia

Summing up, A cup of tea can solve anything. If it’s tea time, it’s nothing short of bliss. It is simply time to slow down, pull back, relax and appreciate your surroundings. Not only beneficial for the human body, they are the main factors for beautiful friendships and fascinating get-togethers.


How long can you store tea powder?

You can store the tea powder until its expiry on the label. However, its true flavours can be relished for a maximum of 1 month.

What type of tea is most popular?

Green tea and black tea are the most popular types of tea.

Is it healthy to drink milk tea every day?

Tea leaves contain antioxidants that protect cells against free radicals. When milk is added, it increases the nutritional value of tea, as milk has calcium, vitamins and proteins.

What are the benefits of tea?

The benefits of tea for all its types are limitless like green tea is famous for weight loss, black tea helps in fighting sugar levels and many more. Pick one according to your requirements.

Who is the world’s largest producer of tea?

Producing over 2 million tons of tea every year is China. Hence, they are the primary and the largest producers of tea.

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